Monday, June 29, 2015

Going to paint a dresser.

Actually I'm going to redo the whole room, but I'm starting with the dresser. 
It's 30+ years old and needs a facelift.  First thing I did was take out all the drawers and removed the hardware,  it took about an hour as many of the screws were striped and it took some work getting them out.
   Then I cleaned every thing inside and out with soap and water.
Filled in a few holes with wood filler. Then painted the whole thing with primer.
As I was waiting for the primer to dry I covered the outside of the drawers with decoupage and scrapbook paper.

Started with the drawers. The walls and carpet were already pink.
Finished all the drawers this week. I changed out all the hardware except for the center drawer I painted them silver. 

One set of drawers I wanted to use knobs instead of the pull so I used wood filler to fill in the outside holes. I got all my knobs from Hobby Lobby. They have an amazing selection. 
I wasn't actually very happy with the two below. The center design didn't give me a lot of choices and I almost started over. 

The two little side drawers were actually the two I painted first.

Here is a photo of a drawer in progress. I used a stencil to place the squares, but as I didn't want gaps I painted them freehand. I also use a stencil to draw the outlines of the basic design, but added parts of it and then painted it free hand, too.

The off white is chalk paint. The pinks and green are bottled acrylic. I used a combination of acrylic and a black paint pen for the checks and outlines. Filled the decorative cut out area with silver bead strings I found in the wedding floral department at Hobby Lobby.  I'm going to paint the main part of the dresser next, but as I go back to work (school) next week don't know when I'll get to it. 

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