Halloween Quilt


I finally finished it!!

If I was going to do it over, I’d change quite a few things, but I don’t plan on another Halloween right now...still have to finish my Christmas one. (And my Coke one, too)

Halloween quilt pieces I have been working on for years. I only work on it in October. It's almost done? Yea!

This is my favorite appliqued block. It's about 14 x 20. I didn't draw this design, I adapted it from a coloring page. 

 This is another favorite.  I love haunted houses. I designed this one. Fun!
 This is a slightly smaller block.  I had a good time making this one.

 Don't like this one so much, but my Mom says it's her favorite.

 Not crazy about the ghosts either, but it was one of my first ones.
I like the cat. She has a charm for a necklace.
 This is my least favorite.  I wish I had done a better job arranging the pumpkins. I like the faces but the composition is screwy.

This is bigger than it looks.  Which I had made the letters fatter.

 This is the head of the quilt.  

This is a tiny block that I needed to fill in a space between a couple of other blocks. 

 I am all done with applique.  I am now going to make a edge of small 5 inch solid blocks surrounded by candy corn to go all the way around the top section which is now exactly the size of the top of my queen sized bed.

The following photos are of the pieced blocks.  Every single fabric used is Halloween print fabric.  There is no other fabric used in any block.  Not in the tiny side blocks or in the large pieced blocks.  Most of the blocks are all done in a different pattern. Although the 3 purple witch blocks are the same one.

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