Post-It Note Holders

Easter Bonnet Girls
The girls will actually work for any season, but decorating the hats for Easter is lots of fun.  I am including the Plain templates for both girls and the Halloween template, too. (Just because, I like it).  Instructions at far bottom.

Below is a copy of the two girls with a filled and printed template that hasn't been cut out yet.  Also, a picture of two Halloween holders printed, cut out and embellished.

Below is the 2 girls template (png)
*Note::  If template appears to large on your 8.5 x 11 inch page, reformat image to 300 dpi as that is what most of them are saved as.
Below is the Halloween template
And this is a side view template I made a few years ago.
Below that is a sample I made for a summer hat.

How to make the note pad 
(fits a 3 x 3 pad but you can resize as desired).
1. Copy template and drag on to a 8.5 x 11 inch blank page.
2. Fill template with computer paper.  Just select each section with magic wand and fill with desired digital color or paper.
3. Add extra embellishments to hat.  If you want the embellishments to be 3d add an extra copy of it, off to the side to apply later with pop dots, like in the sample sheets.
4. Print out exact size.
5. Cut out, put in notepad and add embellishments and glitter.