Iris folding

Iris Folding Patterns
and Instructions

Video on how to Iris fold
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Bunny With Egg

Bunny with egg templates are at the very bottom of this page.  There are 3 templates on two pages, one page with a pink background bunny and a blue background bunny and another page with a blank, fillable, adjustable background.
Both have two pattens for a 4 paper and a 5 paper design.

How to video is also posted.

I painted the bunny using Painter by Coral and the template was made using Digital Image by Microsoft.
Easter Bunnies

Note:  I lost all the photos on this page today and had to switch to Google Chrome to get them back so if anything is missing, let me know so I can fix it.                                      This is a bunny using the 5 paper pattern.
This is the 4 paper design.  

Basic Instructions are included further down. 

Iris Fold Patterns. 
You may copy and use my patterns for anything you wish, but please do not publish or sell my Patterns. (Showing off and publishing your finished items is fine, but if you do, please mention my site.  Thanks, Lucine

Pattern for Kitty, pear and other designs at the bottom of this page.

Instructions and tips for Iris folding.
Please, ask if there are any questions or something is not clear.

What you will need to Iris fold.
Sisscors, craft knife, ruler, tape (single sided and double sided), ink pad, pop dots, cardstock, patterned paper and a blank card.
Note:  The patterned paper doesn't actually have to be patterned, in fact I usually make sure at least one of my papers is solid or metallic, as it shows on the back and makes it easier to keep your patterns in order.  Any kind of paper will work, I have used scrapbook paper, card stock, wrapping paper, ribbon and even fabric. I have even mixed types with no problems.

1. Select card stock and 4 (or 5 depending of which pattern you chose) matching papers.
2.Cut out stencil. 
2.Select card stock for the main panel and cut it 5" x 7".  You will trim it later, but that gives you plenty of room to get your pattern on. 
3.Trace the outline of the stencil to the center back of the main panel.  Cut out with craft knife. (Note: the stencil pattern is reversed.  The front of the finished item is a mirror image of the pattern.  Make sure you don't trace to the front of the card as it will be backwards)
4Make paper strips. With ruler and craft knife cut at least 3 strips of paper of each pattern. Cut about 1/2" - 3/4" thick if you are using card stock or heavy paper and plan to edge them. If you are going to fold (paper only, the thinner the better) make them 3/4" to 1".  (I prefer to edge them when making cards, it gives less bulk and you can use thicker paper or card stock.)
5. Run one edge of each strip across the ink pad. (gold, silver, copper, brown or black work best) if you plan to fold the edges you can skip this step and fold the edge of the paper about 1/3 over instead.
6. Make a guide card.  Tape a small piece of each paper pattern in order on a card and lable with the coresponding color or numbers on the chart. (see photo on right side).  Well worth the trouble.

7Attach panel to pattern. Tape the card face down on top of the pattern. Use two pieces of tape like hinges at the top of the piece.  Do not tape it down anywhere else. You will want to be able to lift the panel to check the progress and catch any mistakes before they go too far.   See #2 below

8. Start Filling in Pattern. Find #1 on the pattern and take the first color strip, cut a piece slightly longer that the area to be covered. Lay down the paper matching the edge up exactly to the black line. Tape down with small piece of
single sided tape.  (I have also used a glue stick, it worked fine).

9. Move on to #2 and the next color.  At times a color may be skipped as it is not needed to fill in the template design.  Check carefully for this, as not to mess up the pattern.  Now, follow the numbers and go around and around matching up colors until finished.  Check front view at least every two rows to make sure you didn't make a mistake.
Don't worry if edges of paper stick out past the side of the panel, you can trim it later.
10. Trim panel to desired size.  Ink edge of panel.
11. Put several pop dots around outside sections of the back of the panel and some double sided tape in the center where the paper and tape has built up. 
 Attach to another panel or directly onto card.  Embellish if desired.

Bunny with egg templates at far bottom, right click and save.

*Note::  If template appears to large on your 8.5 x 11 inch page, reformat image to 300 dpi as that is what most of them are saved as.

I used a jewel for the eye and I did not fold my edges, I used a gold stamp pad and just highlighted the edges of the paper strips to make them stand out. I think folding the edges adds to much bulk for a card.
But that's just me.
Cut out a tail from one of the colors you use in the folding and add to finished cat.  There is no #4 in the pattern,  just skip on to #5. 

Pear Design and template
Right click on center of any pattern and save.
*Note::  If template appears to large on your 8.5 x 11 inch page, reformat image to 300 dpi as that is what most of them are saved as.

Some ways you can fill in the background or change it around.  Don't resize it tho, unless you resize the egg template at the same time, or it won't fit.