Sunday, February 20, 2011

I plan to build this site up to as good as I had my old one. I have added two new pages.
Iris Folding and Cards.
 Will be adding lots more
so now I'm off to the drawing board.

Hugs, Lucine

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  1. Lucine, I love your pic! and your new blog will be soo much fun to visit as you make and share the nicest ideas and crafts. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas.

    If you ever want to hop over to my place you are welcome to visit. You have put a lot of work into yours already. It takes some time to build these up. My blog is also new; not too many followers but this doesn't bother me; it is just a fun place to go and post thoughts, crafts, moments of life. More like a journal of sorts.

    Here is the addy to my place: It does have lots of links for Silhouette users :-)